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Beyond the 9-5

Beyond the 9-5

Disclaimer: I’ve been more and more hesitant about writing a new post and I always overthink the content. Fortunately, I had a sudden urge to pick up my laptop and pour my thoughts into a blog - it may not be the most compelling piece to date, but I hope you find a little piece of yourself within the content & as per usual, comments are always welcomed!


Throughout our entire lives, we were taught to work hard to get to the next level. Truthfully, the hard work does pay off, but as kids, we were always aiming to get to the next level. Whether that was getting to high school, college or the dream job, we were taught that attaining these milestones will lead us to a happy and prosperous life.

Don’t get me wrong, I truly believe that education is the key to success and that it truly belongs to you - knowledge is power - might as well learn a thing or two. However, I’ve been recently contemplating what truly makes me happy.

Throughout university, I always glorified the thought of having a job at a large organization where we had to work all day and night to get a project out the door - you know, those McKinsey & Company consulting type of jobs. The sole idea of being part of a big business and climbing up the ladder to be a corporate badass always stood out in my mind. But now that I am working in a big firm, I’m constantly questioning why did I glorify this behaviour and constant need for work?

Was it because we were taught to? Or perhaps we were shying away from what really mattered - our innate happiness. I always knew that our parents worked hard and that life was tough, but I never understood the real stress behind maintaining a life of luxury, only to be dissatisfied with what’s currently on your plate.

I’m all about putting in the work and striving for the next step, but I think taking a step back and considering why you’re doing something needs to be considered.

At 25 years young, I find myself constantly questioning myself and trying to discover what makes me happy outside the 9-5 life. Honestly, if I weren’t pursuing a side business, I think I wouldn’t be entirely happy.  It’s this constant push for more and always being busy that has led me to become a tired workaholic, but deep down, pursuing my side business makes me really happy.

My new goal is to uncover the happiness that lies within, not only with myself, but with others. I want to know what makes people tick? What makes them get up in the morning? Do people fear a life of mediocrity? How does one attain inner zen? Who are we constantly pushing for if not for ourselves?

Perhaps I’m just overthinking things and things will change during the next step of my career and life. All I know is that I’ve met far too many people who land positions that never allow them to maintain a work-life balance, and I hope that while we work hard, we’re able to play hard too (yes… very cheesy line, I know)!

If you ever feel tired or frustrated, I encourage you to start incorporating more “me” time into your daily routine - I’ve failed at this many times - but when I do it, I’m the happiest person that day. A few of my routine include journaling (writing three positive things a day), reading thought-provoking books, and dancing. It’s so important to figure out what makes you tick and how you can live a more meaningful life beyond the 9-5, because 1.) not all of us can quit and travel the world (even though I really wish I could) and 2.) if we aren’t identifying our whys and asking tough questions, then what are we actually doing....?


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