Who is the awkward adult?

The Awkward Adult is me, but also you. It’s the version of you that questions societal norms and breaks down barriers. In reality, this version isn’t so awkward after all - it’s just a version of you that is vivid, complex and creative - the awkward adult is your authentic self.


About the Author:

Megan Ramwa is a creative and results-oriented person. Her passion for storytelling and creating “something bigger than herself” has always been at the forefront of her career. Megan has worked as a communications professional at a Bay Street law firm where she managed social media and internal and external communication plans.

Megan is currently working on launching a fashion-tech company that encompasses a sustainable solution to the growing amount of textile waste affecting Canadian landfills (learn more here). She continues to exercise her creativity through writing and dance. She has collaborated with local entrepreneurs to produce content on various blogs to promote topics such as time management, sustainability and diversity and inclusion. (see here).

Megan is also involved with the Martin Family Initiative as a mentor to Indigenous high school students and was a marketing advisor to FLOCK - a project focused on providing women with the resources and support to explore entrepreneurship.

Education: Bachelor of Commerce, 2016 - Law and Business and Human Resources Management - Ryerson University
Hometown: Toronto, Ontario