GUEST POST - May 2019
Featured as a guest writer on Makin’ the Bacon - “10 Fool-Proof Productivity Hacks For A Better Day.

BLOG INTERVIEW - October 2018
Interviewed by Karen Swyszcz - “Makin’ the Bacon with Sonder

MakintheBacon began in 2012  as a personal finance blog. It was a passion project to escape the monotony of my day job. Over the years, I have acquired a wealth of knowledge and experience in blogging. I focus on providing high-quality blog and social media consulting services for small business owners in Oakville, the Greater Toronto Area and globally. - Karen Swyszcz


GUEST POST - April 2019
Featured as a guest writer on Infinitely Classic - “Diversity and Sustainability in a Fashion-Tech Business.

Infinitely Classic derived from the two never-ending adjectives – infinite and classic. Here, we open doors for taboo topics to be discussed, areas of interest for women to explore such as beauty, health, school etc and a space for other women in Canada and abroad to share their ideas. In June 2016, Infinitely Classic expanded to an apparel and vegan-cruelty free cosmetics that is helping promote and enable the go-getterness in us all. 


BUSINESS BLOG - January 2019
Published the following blogs on my personal business account:
Our Top 8 Girl Boss Moments of 2018
From Closet to Coffee: Connecting the Aspirational with the Inspirational
The Top 5 Benefits of Leasing Your Wardrobe

Sonder Toronto is an online rental system for people to list, rent and borrow outfits from their closets to the community; fashion made simple and sustainable.